David Knight Master Hypnotist

David Knight - Comedy Stage Hypnotist

As a Master Hypnotist David Knight has a professional track record of performing his Comedy Hypnosis Stage Show for over 3 Decades. David Knight has performed over 8,000 Comedy Hypnosis Shows in over 50 Countries around the world hypnotising over 100,000 volunteers.
David Knight is available for show bookings across the UK and Global. Suitable for Television Performances, Theatres, Corporate Entertainment, Cruise Ships and Motivational Speaking.
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David Knight - Personal Hypnotherapy

Personal 1 on 1 Hypnotherapy. Coaching Sessions, Hypnosis Sessions, Personalised Hypnosis Audio, Unlimited Telephone Conversations, Unlimited Personal Messaging, Unlimited Audio, Group Coaching Access and one to three months personalised support. The ultimate hypnosis coaching package.
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David Knight - Hypnosis Trainer

As a Master Hypnotist David Knight is the Founder of The British Academy of Hypnosis. David has been training Hypnotherapists, Advanced Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches and Stage Hypnotists since 1989. Full worldwide training courses followed by full hypnosis business support.
Hypnotherapy - Advanced - Pain Relief - Gastric Band - Stage Hypnosis

David Knight - Hypnosis Life Coach

Five Steps to Mastery

Your subconscious mind controls over 95% of everything that you do every single day of your life. It controls your health systems, your immune systems, your fight and flight or stress mechanisms, your emotions, your energy, your habits and your beliefs, your core values, your memory and your healing. The list continues. Every second your brain is processing over 2,000,000 bits of information from your emotions to individual cell creation. Science now tells us that our brains can be rewired for success in all areas of our lives. Rewired for sleeping, rewired for pain relief, rewired to let go of anxieties and past self limiting beliefs, rewired for success along with another one hundred life changing possibilities.

The most valuable thing you possess is your time. We don't have a moment to waste and so the power of hypnosis offers you the fastest, easiest, most direct way to success. Hypnosis was once only for the rich and famous but today with the power of the Internet and group coaching programs the opportunity for coaching is accessible and affordable.

The Hypnosis Circle Coaching Program has been created to help you break though past self limiting beliefs and to build a future of self esteem, confidence and self mastery. For you to become a better and stronger version of you with a power and a strength to make you unshakable. The Hypnosis Circle Program begins by unmasking self limiting beliefs, anxieties and worries, removing brain fog and helping you become the person you want to be, stronger, more confident and with an inner power of self esteem.

David Knight Free Hypnosis Audio
Join David Knight and The Hypnosis Circle by entering your email address and download your free Hypnotic Secret Ebook and 3 Free Hypnosis Audio Downloads. Each month join David Knight on the Free 28 Day Challenge and challenge yourself to hit your own personal goal no matter how big or how small.

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Free Hypnotic Secret Ebook
3 Free Hypnosis Audios

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David Knight Hypnosis

1. Bulletproof Confidence
Are you fed up of others negativity affecting you or people telling you you're not good enough? It's easy for our self esteem to become bruised with the negative barrage from the media, work colleagues, friends and even the ones we love! It's time to pull ourselves around and create a powerful inner confidence and self esteem. Join David Knight starting in April for 3 months of self esteem building as we discover the 8 Levels of Confidence. Sign up today with a
75% Discount. Only 20 places available on each 3 month course.
Bulletproof Confidence

2. Genetic Hypnosis
For those looking to build inner strength, confidence and self esteem.
All the benefits of the Hypnosis Circle Silver plus extra coaching, monthly ebook and monthly hypnosis audio.
Genetic Hypnosis

3. Hypnotic Millionaire
Discover the magic of hypnosis to allow you to live the longest, healthiest life possible. Genetic Hypnosis is the future of health.
Hypnotic Millionaire

4. Law of Attraction Coaching
Imagine combining the Law of Attraction with Hypnosis to create a Hypnotic Law of Attraction Training Course! It's like the Law of Attraction but on Steroids!
Law of Attraction Coaching

5. Success Mastery Coaching
Are you ready to identify your life goals, discover your core values and beliefs as you map out your path to success and implement proven systems that will allow you to stay the course. Success Comes Twice! First in your mind and then in reality.
Success Mastery Coaching

David Knight Personal Hypnosis Sessions

Personal 1 on 1 Hypnosis Coaching Sessions, Personalised Hypnosis Audio, Unlimited Telephone Conversations, Unlimited Personal Messaging, Unlimited Audio, Group Coaching Access and one to three months personalised support. The ultimate hypnosis coaching package.
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Contact David Knight - Limited Availability
6 Steps to Self Mastery is limited in availability as you will be personally coached by Master Hypnotist David Knight. Before purchasing we recommend contacting David Knight and arrange a complimentary coaching call to discuss your personal suitability for either of the 6 Steps.

David Knight Master Hypnotist
David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

David Knight Hypnosis Trainer

UK Mobile: +44 (0) 7721 000999
UK Office: +44 (0) 844 6655 333

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