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Mastering Emotions

March - Mastering Emotions
Blast Through Self Limiting Emotions

Take back control of your life by mastering the 7 emotions that hold you hostage. Make your hidden emotional saboteurs visible and eliminate them from your life for ever!
Fear, Guilt, Anxiety, Anger and more will be gone forever.

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Hypnotic Life Coaching

Most of the time the person that holds us back the most is ourselves. It's normal for us to work this way as we are programmed for survival and survival often means keeping us within our comfort zone. Our emotions are the drivers behind our success or our failures. Positive emotions power us forwards with speed whilst negative emotions slam the brakes on hard. Negative emotions will pull you back into a place of overwhelm, worry, stress, anxiety and depression. Discovering your positive emotions will power you forwards, helping you discover who you are and how you want to live your live. This Hypnosis Ebook will help you master your emotions and move you into a place of power. The Hypnosis Audio will help you eliminate your subconscious emotional saboteurs.

The live
Coaching Session will help you Delete Self Limiting Beliefs of past emotional failures and open you to the secrets of positive inspiration and hope for the future. The Live Hypnosis Session will help release unwanted negativity from your mind and install a new belief system of hope.

Mastering Emotions

The Single Gold Coaching Program
1 Month of Coaching

Mastering Emotions Ebook and Workbook
Hypnosis Audio Download
A 50 Minute Live Coaching Session
A 20 Minute Live Hypnosis Session
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Gold Hypnosis Circle Coaching - £99

David Knight Master Hypnotist
David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

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